The View from La Villetta

The Villetta is nestled into the hillside, which means that the views to the west are panoramic, while the other three sides keep the space naturally cool. The entire rooftop is an easily-accessed terrace, some 50′ wide, and since the Villetta is perched high above Velletri, it enjoys panoramic views of the entire countryside, including the mountains to the south and the Mediterranean to the west!

The Salone + Cucina

The Villetta is a large space, measuring some 1000 square feet overall, so it feels quite generous. The Salone is open to the Cucina, and features ample dining space for 6, as well as seating for 3 around the kitchen island. The entire west wall of the Villetta is windowed, with a panoramic view that stretches all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Salone

The Salone also features a comfortable seating area for reading, relaxing, or taking an afternoon nap!

The Terrazza at the Villetta

The Terrazza, or terrace, is actually the entire rooftop of the Villetta, and thus provides some 1000 square feet of breathtaking views that can be enjoyed soaking in the sun, dining al fresco, or gazing at a sky laden with stars.

Medieval Gates of Velletri

Velletri ([velˈleːtri]; Latin Velitrae) is an Italian town of 53,298. It is a comune in the province of Rome, on the Alban Hills, in Lazio (Latium), bounded by Rocca di Papa, Lariano, Cisterna di Latina, Artena, Aprilia, Nemi, Genzano di Roma, Lanuvio.

It was an ancient city of the Volsci tribe, and its status was influential in the time of King Ancus Marcius, enough to be on a par with Rome, and the family (gens) Octavia, to which the first Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus belonged, came from Velitrae, and the future emperor spent his youth there.

Since then, it was been the site of two historical battles in 1744 and 1849. In the Middle Ages it was one of the few “free cities” in Lazio and central Italy.

Velletri is a wonderful location from which to see central Italy. Less than 35 km from Rome to the north and the seaside town of Nettuno to the west, it is also less than two hours’ drive from Naples. Nestled in the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani, there is an abundance of hiking and cycling in the area, and it a stone’s throw from neighboring towns of Ariccia (porchetta), Nemi (wild berries) and Lariano (porcini mushrooms), as well as Castel Gandolfo, the summer home of the Pope.

Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo, an extension of the Vatican that has housed the summer palazzo of Popes since the Rennaissance, is but a handful of kilometers from the Villetta, and should not be missed. Drop by for a ‘spuntino’ in the charming town, enjoy the unique view of the volcanic Lago Gandolfo below, or perhaps, if you time it right, you can participate in a Sunday mass officiated by the Pope himself, from his balcony above the town’s main piazza.

The Villetta dei Laghi

The Villetta dei Laghi is a fourth-generation villa built into the hillside of the volcanic caldara high above Velletri in the Alban hills. For rent is a large apartment that once served as the family’s banquet hall, and has since been newly renovated into a comfortable, modern apartment. It features a full kitchen, living area and bedroom, and is suited to a couple or family.

Although the building is completely stand-alone, it is on the same premises as the main building, occupied by your hosts Gina and Ivana Cioccari, who are nearby to provide everything you need for a great stay – including a bountiful breakfast every morning.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy la dolce vita nei Castelli Romani, and do as the Romans do when they are on holiday!